While some of the most famed record stores have disappeared in recent years, Manhattan and Brooklyn are still strongholds of crate digging and music shopping.

We’ve collected lists of the best or most essential stores and we’re also adding any updates as they happen. Not surprisingly, Brooklyn and the East Village have some of the most forward-looking shops.

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Title Description
Academy RecordsIts jazz selection is outstanding, and there are rock, folk and R&B gems scattered throughout. (NYC Go, Photo: Official Website)
Black GoldNot only does it accommodate the borough's thriving demographics of vinyl snobs and coffee snobs—it also carries taxidermy. (NYC Go, Photo: BlackGoldBrooklyn/Instagram)
Captured TracksThe Captured Tracks record store is affiliated with the Captured Tracks record label. (Free Williamsburg, Photo: CapturedTracksShop/Instagram)
Casa AmadeoThis venerable store has stood on the same Bronx block for more than half a century, fueled by owner Mike Amadeo's love for and knowledge of music. (NYC Go)
Co-op 87Located serenely off of McCarrren Park, it is in the same building as the Mexican Summer record label. (Free Williamsburg)
Earwax RecordsFor fans of newer vinyl, Earwax Records offers a diverse selection of records and CDs. (amNY, Photo: Official Website)
Fifth Avenue Record ShopA neighborhood staple for four decades, this shop has vintage vinyl, cassettes and CDs for your perusal. (amNY)
HiFi RecordsSelling new and used LPs, CDs and equipment, HiFi is a solid one-stop shop for record enthusiasts. (amNY)
Limited to OneA new record shop is coming to the East Village, created by the people behind the podcast and cult Instagram RecordNerdz and focused on hard-to-find contemporary music. (Bedford & Bowery)
Moodies RecordsThis Bronx shop has stacks of vinyls that span genres, but there's a nice focus on Caribbean classics (and colorful vintage reggae posters) here. (amNY)
Music MattersThe shop's collection is curated to meet Park Slope's taste—a healthy dose of indie rock is available on CD and vinyl, with new releases coming in every week. (NYC Go)
Record GrouchLocated in the heart of Greenpoint, Record Grouch is where Greenpoint locals hang-out. It has some unique, sought-after records and perhaps the best name in Greenpoint. (Free Williamsburg)
Rough TradeIt’s a little paradise for the record-owner, music-lover, wanna-be-15-forever as it includes a small venue, a café, a cool books section, has turntables for sale and, of course, records to check out. (Reverb.com)
The ThingThe Thing is an ever-growing blob of $2 vinyl and whatever else its proprietors find. (NYC Go)
Turntable LabTurntable Lab is famed as a tech resource for professional DJs and DJ wannabes. (What Should We Do)
Vinyl FantasyWhile this isn’t a discount store per se, some lucky shoppers have stumbled on albums priced as low as a buck. (What Should We Do)

(Photo:Sami Pyylampi/Flickr)