High lead levels found in some faucets at city schools

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Grand Central guide suspended for giving ‘off-limits’ tours The MTA has suspended its Grand Central Terminal guru for allegedly giving secret, forbidden tours of the commuter cathedral, sources said. (New York Post)

High lead levels found in some faucets at city schools At PS 95 Eastwood in Jamaica, Queens, 34 of 98 taps — or more than a third — registered elevated lead concentrations in January, according to DOE figures. (New York Post)

Teen charged in murder of Brooklyn 19-year-old found in snow Police have charged a teenager in an execution-style shooting that killed a 19-year-old in Brooklyn in March. (PIX11)


Two thieves break into Brooklyn synagogue, beat caretaker with broomstick The crooks found the caretaker on the third floor and bloodied his face with a broomstick, demanding money. (The Daily News)

Two thieves break into Brooklyn synagogue, beat caretaker with broomstick

Woman Fights Off Attacker In Jackson Heights Attempted Rape Police say the suspect approached the 35-year-old victim around 4:40 a.m. near the intersection of 74th Street and 37th Avenue and pulled her backwards by her arms before punching her in the back of the head numerous times. (PIX11)

False reports of gunshots during dispute sets off chaotic stampede at Coney Island Police say false reports of gunshots being fired at Coney Island’s amusement park set off a stampede, with screaming crowds racing in all directions. (The Daily News)

Local Color & History

The Double Check Businessman This anonymous businessman sculpted in bronze became an enduring memorial after 9/11, often mistaken by rescue workers for a survivor amidst the rubble. (Atlas Obscura)

The Double Check Businessman

The New York Building Inhabited Entirely by Creative People A group of friends is keeping the bohemian spirit of Greenwich Village alive in a Ninth Street townhouse — at least until September. (New York Times)

Real Estate & Development

Landmarked Upper East Side mansion owned by former Yugoslavia wants $50M The Gilded Age mansion on Fifth Avenue has a long, storied past. (Curbed)

(Feature photo, Franco Folini; Other photos: Google Street View)

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