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Homeless parents open up for first time since their daughters died from radiator steam inside Bronx apartment A homeless couple whose two daughters were killed when a faulty radiator spewed scalding steam into a room of a Bronx apartment where they were staying broke their silence as they prepared to bury their girls. (NY Daily News)

Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum Has Closed The Morbid Anatomy Museum—New York City’s macabre hub for squirrel taxidermy classes, unwaveringly fascinated with death—has closed after two-and-a-half years. (Gothamist)

Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum Has Closed

A First Look at the Second Avenue Subway When commuters descend into the new Second Avenue subway’s four stations, at 96th, 86th, 72nd and 63rd Streets, now set for a New Year’s Day opening they will find one of the most ambitious contemporary art projects that the MTA has ever undertaken. (New York Times)

Homeowner keeps fudging permits to build McMansion, neighbors say The city must crack down on a Marine Parker who is repeatedly violating the rules as he builds an addition on his Kimball Street home, neighbors are demanding. (Brooklyn Daily)

Whole Foods Sells $8 Chopped Cheese Sandwiches and New Yorkers Aren’t Happy Chopped cheese sandwiches — the bodega staple that’s inspired rap odes and late-night trips — is getting the Whole Foods treatment, much to the dismay of New Yorkers. (DNAinfo)


Tourist visits NYC to make marriage proposal, gets stabbed in back of head Connor Rasmussen came to New York City to propose to Jordan Asher and ended up being randomly attacked in Midtown Sunday, sources said. (NY Daily News)

Popular radio DJ killed in Brooklyn hit-and-run The victim, 39-year-old Jean Paul Guerrero, also known as DJ Jinx Paul, was hit while crossing Jamaica Avenue and Sheffield Avenue in East New York just after 4 a.m. (ABC 7)

Queens boy fractures skull at school, drawing police investigation into possible bullying The 8-year-old boy who suffered a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage at his Queens elementary campus last week woke up from his drug-induced coma Monday and immediately expressed fears about returning to school. (The Daily News)

Queens boy fractures skull at school, drawing police investigation into possible bullying

Louts swipe pizza joint’s tip jar Two good-for-nothings swiped a tip jar stuffed with $70 from a Kings Highway pizza joint on Dec. 8, according to a police report. (Brooklyn Daily)

Local Color & History

Take a ride on the crane that hoists the star atop Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree The virtual ride takes you on the crane that is responsible for bolstering Rockefeller Center’s shining star onto the tree’s apex, giving 360-degree views as well. (Curbed)

Food & Drink

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare Set to Open a Manhattan Branch When the opening of a Manhattan branch of the high-end supermarket Brooklyn Fare was announced in 2013, a satellite of its acclaimed restaurant was supposed to follow in the store soon after. Now, three years later, it is about to open. (NY Times)

Tim Ho Wan Has NYC’s Most Maddening Food Line The inexpensive chain, which holds a Michelin star in Hong Kong, kicked opened the doors to its new outpost on the corner of Fourth Avenue and East 10th Street last Friday, with limited hours. (Eater)

NYC’s Best New Restaurants of 2016 This crop of newcomers, from rotisserie specialists to ramen masters, is crushing the competition in New York City. (First We Feast)

Real Estate & Development

New Renderings Revealed of Plans to Turn Pier 26 Into Public Park New renderings have been revealed of the Hudson River Park Trust’s plans to transform the mostly vacant, 800-foot-long Pier 26, located in the Hudson River into a public park. (NY YIMBY)

New Renderings Revealed of Plans to Turn Pier 26 Into Public Park

New hotels will be glorified homeless shelters 267 58th S. is the latest lot where developers have filed plans to construct a hotel in Sunset Park and locals worry it, and other new inns, will be converted into homeless shelters. (Brooklyn Daily)

Permits Filed: 128 West 23rd St., Chelsea Neighborhood real estate firm Pan Brothers filed plans for the 33-unit development last week. (NY YIMBY)
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