Atrocious Brooklyn slumlords skirt jail time despite guilty plea The two slumlord brothers who admitted to destroying North Brooklyn apartments in order to force out rent-stabilized tenants were sentenced in Brooklyn Supreme Court, and were miraculously spared jail time even after pleading guilty.

Cross Takes Its Place, Temporarily, Atop Shrine at World Trade Center The topping out of the shrine with the cross was a milestone in the tortuous effort to rebuild St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, a little parish outpost at 155 Cedar Street in Lower Manhattan that was destroyed on 9/11, when the south trade center tower fell on it.

Pushing for Change, Bronx Principal Is Undone by Investigation An investigation found that in several cases the principal changed course codes or grades on student transcripts and that he used the threat of a poor rating to persuade an assistant principal to leave the school.

Seven straphangers rushed to hospital with breathing issues after they passed through Harlem subway station where someone vomited Paramedics took seven people to the hospital when they complained of suddenly feeling lightheaded after a stranger vomited at a Harlem subway station early Tuesday, cops said.


New record shop and bookstore, 2 Bridges, opens in Manhattan The boutique, which opened in Chinatown last week, skews towards experimental music and art.

What It Takes to Open a Bookstore The owners of Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, have just opened a new location in a second Brooklyn neighborhood, Prospect Lefferts Garden.


Mom’s boyfriend being questioned after 3-year-old boy is found with skull fracture, covered in feces Cops are questioning a Brooklyn man after his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son was found covered in feces with his skull fractured.

B Bar Patron Beaten While Sitting In Front Of The Fireplace Security camera footage of the incident shows the victim suddenly set upon by the attacker who landed multiple blows before other patrons rushed to stop him.

Woman Groped Outside Borough Park Synagogue Police say the suspected groper, who was wearing traditional Hasidic garb, walked up to the victim and touched her crotch before fleeing.


NYPD cops hunt for trio in botched attempt to rob Queens jewelry store A trio of crooks tried to rob a Queens jewelry store while the shop’s owner and one of its employees cowered inside, police sources said.

Facebook Live of Group With Guns Inside Hotel Leads to 5 Arrests Five people who live-streamed a video on Facebook of themselves holding BB guns inside a Gramercy Park Hotel room were arrested Tuesday night.

Food & Drink

How To Eat Like a Queen in New York for $20 or Less Some of the best meals in New York for $20 or less, recommended by the chefs and industry insiders who eat there.

Real Estate & Development

Eight Stories of Apartments to Replace Harlem Baptist Church After half a century on Lenox Avenue just north of Central Park in Harlem, the Second Canaan Baptist Church will meet the wrecking ball to make way for a new apartment building.



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