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No Legionnaires Bacteria Found at Forest Hills Tower Where Disease Killed 1 (10/12): 40.723045, -73.849140
Family Of EMT Who Died In Kosciuszko Bridge Hit-And-Run Questions Lack Of Security Camera Footage (10/8): 40.727844, -73.928719
The Obamas’ new building could be cursed (10/8): 40.773071, -73.944805
Queens man on life support after getting sucker-punched, robbed by teens (10/4): 40.709984, -73.795379
‘Jo’boken’ Coming to Hoboken’s Hudson Place (10/4): 40.735083, -74.027493
This is the oldest house in Greenwich Village (10/02): 40.731425, -74.005018
McDonald’s ‘happy’ meals came with a side of cocaine (10/4): 40.823385, -73.874683
New Jersey Town Says ‘No Thanks’ to Development (10/4): 40.817391, -73.980070
Financing Secured for 27-Story Condo Tower at 537 Greenwich Street, Hudson Square (10/5): 40.726981, -74.008589
Permits Filed for 1622 New York Avenue, East Flatbush, Brooklyn (10/5): 40.633274, -73.945091
First Look at Condos Coming to 40 East End Avenue, Upper East Side (10/5): 40.771992, -73.947365
Worker Guns Down Foreman Who Fired Him Before Killing Self at Jobsite (10/5): 40.772813, -73.992185
City Opens \'Surprise Shelter\' in Williamsburg Hotel, Angering Neighbors (10/5): 40.713246, -73.951733
Brooklyn Gets its First All-Vegetarian School (10/5): 40.648674, -74.011267
City Suing Landlord of \'Hazardous\' East Harlem Building Lacking Cooking Gas (10/3): 40.798201, -73.937978
Homes for Sale in New York City: 718 Broadway, No. 4C (10/5): 40.728965, -73.993352
Construction Update: One Manhattan Square (10/18): 40.710589, -73.991332
Landmark Federal Reserve building catches fire (10/8): 40.708366, -74.008653
Straphanger slashed from ear to jaw in subway attack (10/8): 40.592326, -73.789764
Bar manager sues boss for alleged sexual harassment (10/7): 40.780687, -73.981036
Man steals $10,000 worth of jewelry, electronics from Brooklyn apartment (10/8): 40.653243, -73.963822
Motorcyclist strikes pedestrian on Brooklyn street, leaving him in critical condition (10/8): 40.677229, -73.897229
Excavation creates a site for sore ears (10/6): 40.881944, -73.898183
Slain father tried to rescue son from Kingsbridge gang (10/6): 40.871332, -73.898521
Archtober Building of the Day: The Noguchi Museum (10/4): 40.766969, -73.938272
Building worker eyed in death of man found buried in Brooklyn backyard with garbage bag tied around his head (10/10): 40.695180, -73.924310
Shake Shack Is Coming To Williamsburg In 2018 (10/4): 40.717427, -73.960662
Mission Chinese to Open New Outpost in Bushwick, Near Elsewhere and Bunker (10/6): 40.709480, -73.923188
At Queens Museum, the Director Is as Political as the Art (10/8): 40.745875, -73.846750
Construction Project at a Cathedral: A New Home for Its Peacocks (10/8): 40.803879, -73.963525
The spotless and hidden Queens enclave you always pass but have never heard of (10/4): 40.735451, -73.863943
One last look inside Domino sugar refinery before its transformation (10/5): 40.714395, -73.967299
Bella Abzug\'s Daughter Hopes To Rename Bank Street Corner For Late Pioneer (10/6): 40.736486, -74.006621
Thomas Heatherwick’s 150-foot climbable ‘Vessel’ hits halfway mark at Hudson Yards (10/9): 40.754133, -74.001857
How The Statue of Christopher Columbus Came To Be in NYC’s Columbus Circle (10/9): 40.768094, -73.981848
Duo clocks elderly supermarket shopper in the face (10/8): 40.882464, -73.881993
Volunteers to restore historic lighthouse off Staten Island (10/8): 40.658335, -74.064749
The Top 10 Secrets of NYC’s Floyd Bennett Field (10/9): 40.591242, -73.890653
Peek inside a Williamsburg townhouse made entirely of shipping containers (10/9): 40.719245, -73.941277
Teen stabbed multiple times at Bronx subway station (10/7): 40.828602, -73.879205
New Kid on the Block: Vin Sur Vingt (10/5): 40.714683, -74.010118
Cooking, Inspired by Grandma, at My Cuban Spot in Brooklyn (10/5): 40.676841, -73.986072
At Supermoon Bakehouse, Croissants From the Chef Ry Stephen (10/5): 40.719909, -73.987183
4 People Hurt, 1 Critically, in Hell\'s Kitchen Brownstone Fire (10/9): 40.760401, -73.993709
Drunken Reveler Dies in Fall Outside Brooklyn Heavy Metal Bar (10/9): 40.708847, -73.957894
The World\'s 50 Best Bars 2017: Mace: 40.725529, -73.978138
The World\'s 50 Best Bars 2017: The Nomad: 40.744839, -73.988273
The World\'s 50 Best Bars 2017: The Dead Rabbit: 40.703293, -74.011031
The World\'s 50 Best Bars 2017: Attaboy: 40.718882, -73.991380
The World\'s 50 Best Bars 2017: Dante: 40.728843, -74.001652
Long-held political, ethnic rivalries heating up fight over Brooklyn Pfizer site (10/10): 40.700763, -73.948011
Robert A.M. Stern-Designed 250 West 81st Street Rises Above Ground, Upper West Side (10/10): 40.785213, -73.979448
International Center of Photography will relocate to Essex Crossing in 2019 (10/9): 40.717885, -73.989379
In Ditmas Park, a picture-perfect Colonial Revival home seeks $1.9M (10/10): 40.631397, -73.961914
This Bar Has the Oldest, Grandest Urinals In New York City (10/10): 40.737609, -73.989162
Construction Update: Pier 17 (10/10): 40.705530, -74.001546
City reserves 57 rooms of Row NYC Hotel for homeless housing (10/10): 40.758707, -73.988298
ESPN to debut glimmering NYC studios next spring (10/9): 40.705172, -74.001482
Solow’s New Condominium Tower at 7 West 57th Street Revealed (10/11): 40.763524, -73.974560
New Museum Selects Rem Koolhaas for Expansion on the Bowery (10/11): 40.722132, -73.992770
Permits Filed for 347 Lexington Avenue (10/11): 40.749803, -73.976859
Sudanese diplomat avoids charges after groping woman in East Village (10/9): 40.732443, -73.988211
Correction officers ‘relish confrontation’ and keep using violent force against Rikers inmates, report reveals (10/11): 40.792109, -73.885460
Cops bust man for stealing Citi Bike from 13-year-old boy in Brooklyn (10/11): 40.694208, -73.946067
Jersey City cops living in affordable housing in Newport, sources say (10/10): 40.727932, -74.032590
Charming Tudor seeks $988K in Bayside Hills, Queens (10/10): 40.755697, -73.763613
Mill Basin car dealer pleads guilty to fraud in federal court (10/11): 40.636203, -73.928517
Permits Filed for 253 Empire Boulevard, Crown Heights (10/12): 40.664029, -73.953555
Delivery-Only Sandwich Shop My Belly\'s Playlist Finds A Storefront Home In The FiDi (10/11): 40.707622, -74.014277
National Park Service Backs Out Of Stonewall Rainbow Flag Ceremony (10/12): 40.733814, -74.002163
23 Women Accuse Former Queens Priest of Abusing Them as Children (10/11): 40.724579, -73.903656
NYPD is on the hunt for evidence against Weinstein (10/11): 40.737229, -74.002393
Bedbugs Feast on UWS Seniors as Management Ignores Complaints, Tenants Say (10/11): 40.773116, -73.989693
Australian Eatery Frankie Opening Soon on Grove Street (10/12): 40.717149, -74.044301
The Magical Mead of Honey’s (10/16): 40.710433, -73.922995
The Company Bringing the Farm Right to the Table (10/11): 40.710564, -73.923398
Section of Harlem days away from celebrating one year free of gun violence (10/12): 40.817926, -73.940016
1399 Park Avenue Nears Topping-Out in East Harlem (10/12): 40.791478, -73.948598
19-Year-Old Fatally Shot Outside Gowanus Houses (10/12): 40.683177, -73.988289
First Impression: Pasta e Vino (10/12): 40.720498, -74.043454
Construction Update: Apple Fifth Avenue (10/12): 40.763877, -73.972975
From China’s Artist-Activist, a Citywide Great Wall (10/12): 40.731234, -73.997104
Farewell to a ‘Jeopardy!’ Favorite (10/13): 40.762565, -73.990138
Cops offer reward for suspect in deadly Brooklyn home invasion (10/17): 40.680818, -73.936826
Teen fatally gunned down in possible gang dispute outside Brooklyn housing project (10/13): 40.683185, -73.987491
Police officer shoots, critically wounds man armed with BB gun in Brooklyn (10/13): 40.651781, -73.945756
Can the Gowanus Canal Survive Its Renaissance? (10/12): 40.677074, -73.989401
This Apocalyptic NYC Church Facade Depicts City Collapsing Beneath Giant Waves & Nuclear Explosion (10/12): 40.804020, -73.962665
Construction starts on New Jersey bridge, a step to fixing region\'s rail (10/13): 40.753564, -74.095101
Man fatally struck by 6 train was artist who placed urinating dog statue near ‘Fearless Girl’ art (10/13): 40.773814, -73.959768
Let’s Not Destroy New York City’s Brutalist Masterpieces (10/15): 40.758347, -73.970218
Equitable Building\'s $50M makeover will restore it to its 1915 glory days (10/16): 40.708469, -74.010595
Massive brawl with food cart workers erupts on busy street (10/16): 40.621477, -74.026222
Trump Supporter Suing West Village Bar Demands Religious Recognition For MAGA Hat (10/16): 40.734890, -73.999656
Million-Dollar Condos Offer Sweeping Views of Public Sex in Harlem Park (10/16): 40.802968, -73.944479
Renderings Revealed for 702 Grand Concourse (10/16): 40.822161, -73.924664
Attacker Knocks 77-Year-Old Man To The Ground, Breaking His Pelvis (10/16): 40.863193, -73.866341
Brooklyn’s Our Lady of Loreto Church has been demolished (10/16): 40.675465, -73.906659
UCB Is Moving from Chelsea to Hell’s Kitchen Next Month (10/16): 40.760878, -73.997834
Man locks himself in office at Chelsea bank after claiming his money was stolen (10/16): 40.745569, -73.994158
10 injured in Brooklyn apartment blaze including woman who was trapped by sukkah erected for Jewish holy week (10/16): 40.636346, -73.993703
New Cooking School Offers Space for Dinner Parties, Too (10/16): 40.679984, -73.969679
Gallery Defends \'Chinatown\' Display Critics Call Racist \'Poverty Porn\' (10/16): 40.717433, -73.992173
NYPL’s Schomburg Center in Harlem reveals its complete two-year renovation (10/16): 40.814479, -73.940944
Bushwick Native Seeks to Defend Historic Ridgewood Theatre From Real Estate Moguls (10/11): 40.700421, -73.907373
Adjaye to design interactive spy museum in midtown Manhattan (10/16): 40.764948, -73.983431
Cycling gunman shoots woman in arm as she exits cab on Manhattan street (10/15): 40.720112, -73.988339
Manhattan West’s First Supertall Nears Halfway Point, Gets First Glass (10/17): 40.752735, -73.997942
New Renderings for Passive House Project at 211 West 29th Street (10/17): 40.748303, -73.993390
Permits Filed for Transient Hotel and Community Facility at 2201 Neptune Ave (10/17): 40.578414, -73.990096
Wokuni, From Japan, Opens in Murray Hill (10/17): 40.749195, -73.977352
Watching the Astros From a New York City Sports Bar (10/17): 40.722210, -73.983026
Rabbi Stole Millions Of Dollars Meant For Disabled Kids At Queens Pre-School (10/17): 40.602508, -73.751574
Permits Filed for 19-14 21st Road, Ditmars-Steinway (10/18): 40.781900, -73.916334
Man, woman steal $1,200 bracelet from Queens jewelry store (10/15): 40.604838, -73.754598
Brewer, Chin Request Zoning Text Amendment to Battle “Two Bridges” Mega-Towers (10/17): 40.710947, -73.990259
Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions: 2-4 Macon St. (10/17): 40.680740, -73.950959
Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions: 22 Commerce St. (10/17): 40.679704, -74.006185
Collapse at Brooklyn construction site injures six workers — two seriously (10/17): 40.672271, -73.934610
Waitress accused of pocketing $480G from elderly Brooklyn woman, a regular at her diner (10/17): 40.631433, -73.918888
The \'Mutant Rabid Gentrification Machine\' Comes For Elderly East Village Woman Paying $84 A Month (10/18): 40.729755, -73.983436
Fish Is Flown In Daily From Japan At New Murray Hill Seafood Restaurant (10/18): 40.749195, -73.977352
Seductress makes off with Manhattan man\'s watch, camera worth $2,000 after one-night stand (10/18): 40.762931, -73.977485
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distance: 1.2 miles
Massive brawl with food cart workers erupts on busy street (10/16)
New York Post: A brawl caught on video Sunday night shows a group of men and halal-cart workers pummeling each other on a busy Brooklyn street corner.
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distance: 1.3 miles
10 injured in Brooklyn apartment blaze including woman who was trapped by sukkah erected for Jewish holy week (10/16)
The Daily News: The fire started in a second-floor rear kitchen and quickly spread to most of the four-story brick building along 49th St., near 13th Ave., in Borough Park around 4:30 a.m.
1214 49th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219, United States
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distance: 2.1 miles
Brooklyn Gets its First All-Vegetarian School (10/5)
DNAinfo: Sunset Park’s P.S. 1, the Bergen Elementary School, is Brooklyn’s first all-vegetarian school, according to the Coalition for Healthy School Food.
309 47th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220, United States
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distance: 2.4 miles
In Ditmas Park, a picture-perfect Colonial Revival home seeks $1.9M (10/10)
Curbed: It’s located within the Fiske Terrace Historic District
44 Waldorf Court, Brooklyn, NY, United States
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distance: 2.9 miles
Permits Filed for Transient Hotel and Community Facility at 2201 Neptune Ave (10/17)
NY YIMBY: The permit describes 2201 Neptune Avenue as a transient hotel, and amenities include multi-purpose & conference rooms, laundry, and space for child care.
2201 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224, United States
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distance: 3.2 miles
Man steals $10,000 worth of jewelry, electronics from Brooklyn apartment (10/8)
PIX11: On Sept. 29, police were called to an apartment in the vicinity Woodruff Avenue and Crooke Avenue after an individual allegedly entered a residence through the fire escape, officials said.
18-54 St Pauls Pl, Brooklyn, NY, United States
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distance: 3.2 miles
Permits Filed for 1622 New York Avenue, East Flatbush, Brooklyn (10/5)
NY YIMBY: The 68-foot tall building will bring 36 units designed for families.
1620 New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, United States
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distance: 3.8 miles
Police officer shoots, critically wounds man armed with BB gun in Brooklyn (10/13)
The Daily News: A police officer shot and wounded a man armed with a BB gun in Brooklyn Thursday night, cops said.
3323 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203, United States
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distance: 4.1 miles
Permits Filed for 253 Empire Boulevard, Crown Heights (10/12)
NY YIMBY: The site used to be a single-story laundry superstore with parking, but has been left unoccupied for several years.
253 Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY, United States
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distance: 4.1 miles
Can the Gowanus Canal Survive Its Renaissance? (10/12)
New York Times: Brooklyn’s famously filthy canal is getting cleaned up. New construction is coming to the area. And not everyone is happy.
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